QTY 50 - WAGO 221-2401 Inline Splicing Connectors


Sale price$29.99


Easily wire up your robot with these genuine WAGO 221-2401 inline splicing connectors with lever. Simply strip your 12-20 AWG wire, pull the lever up, insert the wire and close the lever shut fully. Great for easily interfacing motors and other components into your robot's control system.

  • Ease of use – pull the lever up, insert a conductor and push the lever back down
  • Easily terminate conductors from 20 to 12 AWG
  • Tool-free connection and disconnection thanks to convenient lever technology

More information & datasheet can be found here: https://www.wago.com/us/wire-splicing-connectors/inline-splicing-connector-with-lever/p/221-2401

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