QTY 2 - Thrifty Motor Megaplate

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Mount all the things with this latest offering from The Thrifty Bot! Finally a plate that can interface with just about any common motor or planetary gearbox in the FIRST Robotics Competition. This 4mm thick 6061 aluminum black anodized plate includes bolt mounting patterns for the following motors and planetary gearboxes:

- REV Ultraplanetary Gearbox

- REV NEO 550 & Banebots 550 Brushed motors

- VEX Versaplanetary and Versaplanetary Lite gearboxes

- AndyMark 57 Sport planetary gearboxes

- 775 series brushed motors

- REV NEO & Falcon 500 brushless motors

- Traditional Mini-CIM & CIM motors

- 4mm thick (.157") allows for stronger cantilevered applications

- 1/4" hole to hole spacing, 1/2" spacing between hole rows. Holes are .164" natively supporting #8 bolts or 5/32 rivets. Holes can be drilled out to support #10 hardware.

1 plate weight: .079 lbs

STEP CAD file available

Layout Drawing available

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