QTY 2 - Grasshopper Nut for Battery Terminals

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The Grasshopper nut, produced with the help of James Cole-Henry from FRC team 95, The Grasshoppers, is an innovative battery solution to increase the reliability of battery terminal connections.

Kit contents: 

  • x2 Grasshopper Nuts
  • x2 PEM Nuts, pressed into the sheet metal Grasshopper Nut
  • x2 Nordlock washers
  • 10-32 x 5/8" long hex head bolt

The Grasshopper Nut allows for a few things:

  • The aluminum nut plate provides a second frictional/mechanical interlock between the battery terminals. This engagement is so good that the potting around the battery tab will crack before the joint is loosened. No more loose battery lugs!
  • We recommend installing the nuts using a torque wrench for maximum effectiveness - install to 70 in-lbs (5.83 ft-lbs).
  • The threads and bolt head/lock washer are mechanically coupled, so a single Nord lockwasher can lock the whole assembly together exactly as the washer was designed to do
  • The extra material, flange head bolt, and PEM nut create a broad, even, clamping load on the terminal, reducing the chances of cupping and deformation that will reduce the electrical efficacy of the terminal

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