Thrifty Clamping Bearing Block

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The Thrifty Clamping Bearing Block provides teams a quick and easy way to capture 1.125" OD flanged bearings when mounting to 2" x 1" or 1" x 1" box extrusion. Simply drill a pass thru clearance hole and insert the bearing which is then trapped against the extrusion wall's material.

Features include -

  • Clamps around 2" x 1" or 1" x 1" extrusions
  • Two counterbored 10-32 holes 2" apart allow for mounting of planetary gearboxes or 2" bolt circle motors
  • #8 holes on a 1.875" diameter bolt circle allow for usability in existing FRC applications
  • 6061 Aluminum material anodized black
  • Kit includes:

- Two black anodized plates

- Four 10-32 1.5" long button head bolts

- Two 10-32 0.50" long bolts

Bearings are NOT included with this kit

STEP CAD Model Available


- Individual plate without bearing: .081 lbs (1.31 oz)

- Full assembly with 2 bearings & four 10-32 bolts: .29 lbs (4.66 oz)

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