Thrifty Absolute Magnetic Encoder

The Thrifty BotSKU: TTB-0040-CTRE

Case Style: CTRE Mounting (SDS Compatible)
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Note: Molded plastic cases have begun shipping with all encoder orders!

The Thrifty Absolute Magnetic Encoder was designed to provide teams a lower cost option for absolute position sensing. Simply plug the included 3-wire PWM style cable into your controller of choice and read the included magnet's absolute position. This device can connect directly to the RoboRIO as well as the REV Spark Max or CTRE Talon SRX.

Encoder Revision Updates Include -

  • Switched to through hole connector to improve strength and assembly
  • Cases are produced in ESD safe materials
  • A J2 jumper spot has been added. Simply solder the jumper spot and the encoder will run in 3.3v mode. See the user guide for more details.

Kit Contents:

  • 1 case of your choice - CTRE Case (Swerve Drive Specialties Compatible), Thrifty Swerve Case or West Coast Product Swerve X Case
  • Mounting hardware matching case choice - 3/8" Long 3-48 Screws for CTRE Case, 1/2" Long 10-32 Button Head for WCP Swerve X (pre-2024 REV or XS) Case
  • 1x 0.25” x 0.50” diametrically polarized magnet
  • 1x Encoder board
  • 1x 36” 3-wire PWM Style Cable

Note on WCP Swerve Case - the 2024 Swerve X is no longer compatible with this case. If you wish to use this encoder with the new Swerve X, you will have to print this case. Swerve XS and pre-2024 Swerve X will function with the included molded case.

Updated 3D Printable Cases Here

User Guide Located Here

OnShape Models Located Here

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