QTY 5 - Aluminum Insert for 3D Printed Parts

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This ¼” 6061 aluminum part is designed to eliminate worries of stripped 1/2" hex holes in 3D printed parts. Press these inserts into pulleys, wheels, and gears 3D printed from your material of choice.

Depending on your choice of 1/2" hex shaft standard and desired fit up, refer to the guide below -

- Slip fit on 7075 AndyMark 1/2" hex shaft

- Slip fit on VEX 1/2" Thunderhex shaft

- Slip fit on VEX 1/2" regular hex shaft and other hex shafts with no rounded edges

See this guide for tutorials on how to remove the geometry profile in Fusion 360, Inventor, Solidworks & check out the feature script available in Onshape.

3D CAD STEP file for Aluminum Insert available

Example part files & how-to guide available here

Individual weight: .01 lbs

Material: 6061 Aluminum anodized black

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