QTY 4 - The Thrifty Hub - Half Inch Hex

The Thrifty BotSKU: TTB-0005

Sale price$24.99


Half inch hex hubs are often used to transfer motion between components in competition robots. This hub includes a thicker quarter inch flange that allows for tapping 10-24 / 10-32 holes or drilling and tapping to 1/4-20 sized holes. The Thrifty Hub is offered as a blank hex hub to teams to do further machining or leave stock as-is.

  • 2.25" OD flange / 1.125" OD hub
  • .75" overall thickness - 0.25" thick flange / 0.50" thick hub
  • Interfaces with standard 1.875" bolt hole pattern via #8 bolt sized holes (can be drilled out to accommodate larger fasteners)

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