QTY 10 - Flanged 1/2 Inch Hex Ball Bearings

The Thrifty BotSKU: TTB-0001

Sale price$30.00


1/2 Inch hex bearings have become a staple in the FIRST Robotics Competition and now you can buy them for $3 per bearing in packs of 10. Stock up and buy in bulk for the upcoming FRC season.

These bearings are similar in dimension and size to other half inch hex bearings on the market and have a thicker inner race (approx 0.75" wide) than previous generations of half inch hex bearings.

Bearing Information:

  • 1.125 Inch Outer Diameter
  • 1.225 Inch Flange Outer Diameter
  • 0.31 Inch Overall Width
  • .8 oz (.05 lbs) for one hex bearing
  • Fits existing half inch hex shaft solutions in the FRC market place
  • Grease lubricated

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