QTY 1 - #25 Chain Tensioner

The Thrifty BotSKU: ELEV-DRIVE-007

Sale price$14.99


This turnbuckle chain tensioner integrates directly with #25 chain. Using a chain tool, the custom 1/4-20 link bolts replace a chain link and have the pin pushed back through it to become part of the chain. Then simply twist the center coupler to tighten or loosen the chain and tighten the jam nuts once your chain tension is perfect.

All parts are made of steel including the coupler and the custom chain link bolts are 1/4-20 thread for increased strength. One link bolt is left hand threaded and the other is right hand threaded, so take care not to mix them up if purchasing multiple sets.

STEP CAD File Available

Material: Steel, all of it.

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