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Powered by Grapple Robotics, the LaserCAN is a LIDAR sensor purpose-built for FRC teams! This postage-stamp sized sensor is capable of detecting objects up to 4m (13 feet!) away (or 1.35m (4.5 feet) in short range mode). It contains an adjustable FOV and Region of Interest that lets teams filter out what they do not want in a distance measuring tool. 

Kit Contents:

  • 1x LaserCAN sensor (soldered and non soldered versions available)
  • 1x molded case with #10 mounting holes for easy integration into grid pattern tubing

Sensor Features:

  • Input voltage range from 4.5V-16V
  • FRC CAN ready
  • 0-4000mm range in long range mode, 0-1350mm in short range mode
  • 25mmx25mm form factor
  • Adjustable Region of Interest (RoI) and Field of View (FoV)
  • Configurable from robot code and/or from GrappleHook
  • Adjustable 10-50Hz sample rate

For more information, view our guide below or here.

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